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We are practitioners and teachers of movement. We use the best tools available from many disciplines, including gymnastics, martial arts, strength & conditioning, and functional neurology.



Tanner Walker

I have been immersed in physical practices my entire life. I grew up playing football, wrestling, and baseball and the past few years I have been researching parkour, martial arts, dance, bouldering,  and gymnastic strength training. 

I am obsessed with movement, practice, and learning. I have spent the past few years traveling the world to study with Ido Portal, Charles Poliquin, Tom Weksler, and Phillip Chubb. I am constantly looking to grow, and find ways to be better at my craft. 


I am a naturopathic medical student at Bastyr University where I teach movement classes and am specializing in neurology. I believe (and research confirms) that movement is the strongest way to impact the brain. Quality of movement=Quality of thought=Quality of life.

I grew up in organized sports and dabbled in triathlons before entering the circus world where I got into hooping, juggling, balancing, and partner acrobatics. After discovering the “general movement paradigm” a few years back through the message of Ido Portal, I became obsessed with anything and everything movement-related.