Your body is involved in everything you do. We firmly believe that developing a movement practice improves every area of your life.

We take an integrated movement perspective, and seek to use the best tools from strength & conditioning, martial arts, dance, gymnastics, & circus arts, to improve your ability to move for the rest of your life.


I have been immersed in physical practices my entire life. I grew up playing football, wrestling, and baseball.

Since taking a more integrated perspective on movement, I have diversified my practice by researching parkour, bouldering, brazilian jiu jitsu, gymnastics strength training, dance, acrobatics and more, discovering the attributes that connect all these different perspectives, under one umbrella. Trying to see the elephant in room, and not just the trunk or the tail, so to speak.

I have spent the past 5 years traveling the world to learn from my teachers, Ido Portal, Charles Poliquin, and Tom Weksler, and am deeply grateful for all that I have learned.

I am obsessed with learning & honing my practice, and I enjoy it even more when I can do it in nature.