Tanner Walker

I have been immersed in physical practices my entire life. Researching a wide variety of movement disciplines, from martial arts and dance, to strength and conditioning, has led to expanding not only my knowledge resources within physical training, but into those supporting structures of nutrition, psychology, sleep hygiene, nature/tribe connection, and the importance of a full spectrum perspective.

I am passionate about using my tool-set to assist others in developing their full potential as a human and mover.


David Gallina 

I am a naturopathic medical student at Bastyr University where I teach movement classes and am specializing in neurology. I believe (and research confirms) that movement is the strongest way to impact the brain. Quality of movement=Quality of thought=Quality of life.

I grew up in organized sports and dabbled in triathlons before entering the circus world where I got into hooping, juggling, balancing, and partner acrobatics. After discovering the “general movement paradigm” a few years back through the message of Ido Portal, I became obsessed with anything and everything movement-related.