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I met Tanner in a park where he was doing a private training session with a client. I was immediately curious about his practice and philosophy, and wanted to know more. I come from a diverse movement background, but get bored easily and am always looking for new ways to stay motivated and keep my body moving. I was previously drawn to circus arts for the same reasons I am drawn to Tanner's classes and workshops: they are dynamic, interesting, challenging, rewarding, and most importantly fun. 

Tanner provides workouts where you forget that you're working out, which is really the only kind I can get on board with. He brings his kindness, openness, curiosity, playfulness, passion, and creativity to his sessions. He is a skilled teacher, supportive coach, and lovely human, and is constantly expanding his knowledge and practice.

As a bodyworker/massage therapist, I am constantly referring my clients to Tanner's classes to help support the work I do, and to help inspire folks to get excited about movement again. His practice is appropriate for all levels, all abilities, all ages. Truly. 

-Katie Wood


 “Tanner is an extremely smart individual that has a knack for programming. I have worked with several different coaches in the past, but none have been as engaging as Tanner. His training methods do not involve mindless sets and reps using traditional exercises that you see in your everyday gym. Tanners training has allowed me to explore a variety of different movements and has completely changed the way I think about practice. My body has never felt this great and I have continued to see my overall strength increase. Tanner does such an excellent job of explaining each movement and what purpose it serves to help achieve your specific goals. What I appreciate most about Tanner is his ability to correctly asses my movements in order to provide the necessary difficulty that will allow for improvements. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with him.”

- Jack Henning 

"I had been searching for a while for a personal trainer, a routine, a fitness class, exercise, that would motivate me, that would support my body in a healthy way, that would allow me to feel good inside. I have been to CrossFit and loved the intensity, but felt that I was pushing my body in not a healthy way. I love yoga, but had a hard time seeing progress.

Tanner has helped me improve in lot of ways. While I have felt for a while that I struggle in many movements, feeling tight in my legs and in my back, I am developing more mobility now in these areas.

Tanner has shown a beautiful approach to movement that resonates deeply with me. To bring play and mindfulness into movement. I love the way that Tanner sets exercises and movements. The natural interaction with the environment feels right in so many ways. Not going into a gym to be surrounded by machines, but instead learning to climb a tree or crawl in the grass, to move and adapt to many situations and challenges.

I am still going through change. I am inspired about it."

-Victor Broto

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"No one trains their strength, speed or flexibility just to get better at standing still - life is about movement, change and adaptation. Tanner's philosophy and methods have helped me to not only develop athleticism but also to build an effectiveness and skill in movement that can applied across any physical activity.I recommend Tanner's training to anyone, at any level of fitness: neophytes, weekend warriors and experienced athletes can all benefit. Tanner is able to tailor his coaching to people of all levels and his core focus on strong, efficient movement and body positioning can be applied to goals across the entire fitness spectrum, from enhancing comfort and confidence in everyday physical pursuits to improving effectiveness of powerful, sports-specific movements."

-Nick Walker


"I very much enjoy my workouts with Tanner and appreciate his style, his focus on the overall well being instead of physical exercise only, his positive attitude, interest, his eagerness to constantly learn and grow, and simply him as a person."

-Anja Post