Want to know which products we love and use regularly to support our practice?

We've put the time into researching, learning, and testing out fitness toys, supplements, books, and lifestyle hacks to see what really works for us, below is a few of our go-to products to support our nutrition, health, learning, and movement practice:

jump rope.jpeg

Movement Tools

Our focus is on body weight movements, not finding much value in those big gym machines, but sometimes a simple tool like a tennis ball or a jumprope can make a huge difference in terms of movement complexity. Check out the tool kit that is always in our backpack.


Health & Nutrition

Having healthy living practices is essential for having an optimal movement practice. Our health is our number one priority, and a big part of that is what we put into our bodies. These are a few of the most promising and potent supplements and whole food products that we use.


Brain fooD

The information we consume helps fuel our practice. We strive to be in the know on all the topics that relate back to our practice. These are the books, podcasts, and people that we follow and respect.