Make 2019 the year you get your Freestanding Handstand with an online handstand training monthly subscription!


This personalized online program will give you the tools you need to develop your freestanding handstand, as well as personal coaching to guide you along the way.

You will improve your shoulder mobility, learn alignment drills, rebalancing practices, and the specifics of how to program and structure your handstand sessions. I will make sure you understand why you are doing what you're doing to reach your goals.

Depending on how long you work with me, your goals could be holding a 10 second handstand, 30 second, 60 second, or even press handstands and handstand pushups!


Online Coaching Program includes:

1. Private Facebook group to post videos, get feedback, and connect with others in the program.
2. Initial testing, followed by an Individualized program to get you a freestanding handstand.
3. Weekly video analysis, to get your form checked, and receive constant feedback, so you can practice effectively.
4. Receive 40% discounts on workshops, and personal training while in the program.

Online Monthly Programming starts February 1st.

1 Month of Online Coaching: $90
3 Months of Online Coaching $240 ($30 off)
6 Months of Online Coaching: $460 ($80 off)

To sign up Email: hybridmovementpractice@gmail.com