Joint Mobility 

This is the “Brushing the Teeth” of the practice:  something you will benefit from doing either daily or multiple times per day.  We do versions of these in our morning routine and before most movement practices.

In a hurry? 5 rotations each direction is sufficient and allows for this sequence to be done in only a couple of minutes.  

Squat & Hang 


Being able to rest and move in a deep squat is something all humans could do before the invention of the chair.  Check out Ido Portal’s Squat Challenge:  Accumulating 30 minutes of deep squat time for 30 consecutive days.

We are apes with ape shoulders, and that means we need to hang and swing from things for our shoulders to be happy and healthy.  If you don’t have one already, install a pull-up bar or something you can physically hang from through your day-much like squatting.

Loaded Stretch 

Jefferson Curls:  An example of Loaded Progressive Stretching

We use a lot of weighted stretching to get mobile:  flexible AND strong.  This is a basic one that will change your spine and improve your forward bend. 

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