Improve your chin ups from 0 to 1-5 with 6 weeks of personalized programming and online coaching. 


Have you never been able to do a chin up? 
Or have you lost the ability to do a chin up? 

Have you been told to use a band to assist you in the meantime, and still not made progress?

Not being able to do a chin up is a very common thing, but it can be accomplished at any age, with a thought out process and systematic approach. Getting your first chin up is a huge milestone in ones movement practice, and allows you greater freedom to explore your environment. It will make you better at your sport or art whether that is jiu jitsu, kayaking, throwing a baseball, tennis, or simply climbing rocks and trees. 

In this program, we will take a comprehensive approach to get you your first chin up. We will assess where your starting point is, and the progressions specifically fit to YOU.

Do you need more grip work or scapular stability?
More lat activation and range of motion?
How about building more neck extensor and elbow flexor strength?
Or do you need to create structural balance in your shoulder, and focus more on developing your external rotators and lower traps?

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Learn WHY certain tools and methods work better than others, depending on your individual starting point. When you sign up:

1.) Start 2 Week Prep Phase: Take assessments to establish your starting point & begin preparatory hanging work.
2.) Receive a 6 week program tailored to YOU. 
3.) Access to private facebook group, where you will receive video demos, other course material, and further instructions.
4.) Make use of the facebook group to share your progress, gain inspiration, ask questions, and connect with others in the group.

After the 6 weeks is over, the goal would be to have anywhere from 1-5 chin ups. Exciting right?! From there, there will be an opportunity to continue to progress towards higher level skills such as the muscle up, ring routines, and more. But the journey starts with your first chin up! When you are signed up for this program, you will also receive a 40% discount for 1 on 1 sessions, as well as discount rates on workshops, and other events. I teach classes at Seattle Bouldering Project throughout the week, so coming to a class is an opportunity to get hands on help and feedback as well. 

To register: 

For more details on this program, and/or to get any questions answered, email